How to create well-structured PowerPoint presentations with designs?

Creating a well-designed and structured Powerpoint presentation can build an impact of your concept on others. Making a uniquely crafted Powerpoint presentation is now possible with the use of Ideas tools that redesigns your Presentation and finds out the right images. With Microsoft Powerpoint you get several tools that help you to create a more engaging and persuasive presentation.  There is one tool that is available on both the desktop and online that is Designer or Design Ideas.

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With the help of this feature, you can easily analyze the content of your presentation. It suggests designs and the layout changes on your presentation slides along with the appropriate images to boost up the visual appeal of your presentation. You can use the Design Ideas feature to enhance the visual appeal of your content. This tool works on similar parameters of PowerPoint for the desktop and Online. However, you will get the latest and advanced features  for Excel, Design in PPT.  This includes the suggestions to improvise your content.

What are the steps to apply Design Ideas in PowerPoint Presentations?

Make your presentations more appealing, follow the steps  below to apply Design ideas in your slides:-

  1. Firstly, you have to launch the PowerPoint application on your desktop. Now, open the presentation you like to enhance with better layouts.
  2. For this, you have to select the slide you wish to modify and then click the “Design” tab followed “Design Ideas” button. You have to select the option to turn on the “Designer” button. Click on the specific design of your wish.
  3. If you are not happy with the color theme, then you can easily change the theme while making changes in the new outlet. Go through the thumbnails of each theme in the “Themes” section and apply it to the whole presentation.
  4. Once you have applied the new theme, it is mandatory to review each slide for making sure that no content has been neglected. Once you have completed the editing, save the file with current changes.
  5. You can also try the latest Ideas feature in PowerPoint Online. Click to open the PowerPoint presentation Online and open a presentation, after this click on the “Design” icon from the Home Ribbon.
  6. If you are unable to view the final layout then you should click  the link for more designs. You have to select the layout you wish to apply and then click on the link visible at the top side of the page and click on “Go to ideas” for returning to t
  7. censed and available for free. However, it depends upon how and where you want to showcase your presentation. Make sure you check the Specific creative Common license for any images you wish to include.
  8. To add an image you just need to click on it. Remember, you can move and resize the image on your slide. When you have completed the editing process and resave your presentation to collaborate with all the changes which you have made to the slide.
  9. he main ideas pane.
  10. In order to find the image to add in slide, you have to click any of the search items present in the “Search for pictures” box.
  11. This tool will show you a “” search by which you can find the relevant images. the images are li

To conclude:-

Hopefully, these steps  have helped you to created PowerPoint presentations with unique designs. If you have any other queries related to the topic discussed here then it is recommended to visit the official website of MS office that goes by the URL:-

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