Unmarked bugs in the latest Windows 10 update

if According to the developers of Microsoft, the latest update of Windows 10 is having a fresh set of bugs. The reason behind this is still not discovered, however, it is said that every Windows update comes with many issues than it solves in actual. Unfortunately, that’s the case with the latest update in Windows 1o that we are going to talk about. The all-new update “KB4532695” for the Office versions of 1903 and 1909 that is recently came up in the market is having fresh sets of bugs.

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What is the developer’s take on KB4532695 error?

The developers are further elaborate that that various users went on the Microsoft Answers forum and there they highlighted all the variant bugs that have come on their respective Windows 10 PCs once they have installed the recent update. For more information, visit office.com/setup.

Elaborated description of the error

The list of issues includes errors like slow boot times, sound not working, Bluetooth is not responding, BitLocker is not operational along with a blue screen of death to a few more. However, there is a user who claims that their machine is working fine once they have installed the update “KB4532695” and other recommended updates. So, you can easily assume that the issue is not really affecting all the Windows 10 desktops.

Furthermore, it explains that the update is an optional one. This means it will not install automatically on your computers and PCs. According to a user’s notice, their respective systems are working fine after removing and then reinstalling the update again on the desktop.

Tips and tricks to fix the error “KB4532695”

By the way, if you speak about fixes for this update error, there is another interesting twist. In this story if the “KB4532695” doesn’t seems to do anything helpful. So, for the Windows10 File Explorer issues that it initially tried to fix.

However, it doesn’t mean that Microsoft is sitting and doing nothing to handle such unstable Windows updates. Presently, the brand has announced the modifications in how they will get and process the driver’s updates from the manufacturers. This is so that there are no buggy driver versions on your computers and PCs. For more information.

In a conclusive viewpoint:

Still, if you are dicey, do not  install the update or remove it if you have already installed it. We can just hope that Microsoft will fix the issues in the nearby future. For more information, visit office.com/setup.

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