4 popular dice games that are fun to play

The growing popularity of video gaming consoles and smart phones have made us all forget the famous childhood games we used to play with friends and family. Believe it or not, today’s video games are leaving adverse effects on children as they unknowingly promote aggression and violence. On the other hand, dice games are simple and fun to play.Dice games

These games can be played with both friends and family. Now with the availability of Google dice along with the other dice games online, you can play it anywhere anytime. Here is the list of top seven dice games you can try to have unlimited fun, joy, and excitement.

  1. Yahtzee

Developed by the Milton Bradley Company, Yahtzee is one of the most played dice games that require both luck and strategy. The game finds its similarity with a yesteryear’s game named Yacht. Yahtzee can be played by both children and adults.

Rules to play Yahtzee- The game includes a number of rounds; each can be played for a maximum time of 30 minutes. The player gets a chance for three rolls of the dice in each out. However, they can stop rolling the dice after one or two rolls. It’s totally up to the player whether they want to save a dice or re-roll for the second or third time. The scorecard of the game has thirteen different category boxes.

  1. Shut The Box

Shut The Box is all about using brainpower at its maximum. It takes only two to three minutes to a player to play the game.

Rules to play Shut The Box- All the levers are cleared or up at the beginning of the game. These levers display the numbers 1 to 9. Now, when a player plays his/her turn by rolling the dice into the box, and the sum of the remaining tiles is less than 6 then, he/she may roll only one dice. Else, he/she can roll both dice. The more you play, the more you understand the rules and trick to play Shut The Box.

  1. Farkle

Get this classic dice game now to have unlimited fun and joy with your friends and family. The entire game revolves around players trying their luck to get the highest score. To find out who will be the first to play the game, every player will roll the dice. Whosoever gets the highest number will be the first to play. If it is a tie, then all those players will have to roll the dice again to decide their starting position.

Rules to play Farkle- Players are given six dice to roll. A roll of one gives 500 points, and a roll of five gives 50 points to the player. If you roll three dice and the same number appears on each of them, then you will get points that are 100 times the face value of the dice. Whosoever will be the first to reach 10000 points will win.

  1. Pizza Party Game

It’s a quick and frantic game that can be played by multiple players. In the game, you get 40 slice cards and 10 dice.

Rules to play Pizza Party Game- Each player is given a pizza slice with toppings placed upside down and are shuffled. The first player picks the toppings and checks if it matches to the topping of his/her pizza or not. If it matches, then his/her turn ends. On the other hand, if it doesn’t, or some other player has already picked your topping, then put the picked one on your slice, and this will become topping you’re your slice of pizza for that game.

Give these online dice roller games a try and tell us your experience in the comment section below.

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