Office Setup - Download, Install and Activate Download with Product Key

Office Setup which can be downloaded and installed by visiting is very useful software. It is useful in homes, offices and educational institutes alike. When you visit you can download and install this software on your PC or laptop. Office setup 2019 which is the latest version of Office is basically an offline version of Office 365. So, when you install Office setup on your device.

To enhance your knowledge about MS Office, you should know that it offers programs like Word, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, and Excel. If you are thinking to accomplish your official tasks or school assignments without the use of Office apps and tools, then it is almost impossible, because there is no such software developed to date which has all such features and tools. So before you head to accomplish your tasks, think of having MS Office on your device via

Why choose

There are various reasons why one should go for MS Office and one of them is it has every tool you need.
  • Working in a team means merging different ideas and therefore Office products leverage real-time collaboration. Subscribing to a plan entitles you to leverage the real-time collaboration feature. Herein, you and other users with access to a file can work on it at the same time.MS Office is beneficial in schools & other educational institutions and it has been used by more than 1.5 billion users worldwide.
  • MS Office gives students and teachers a common platform to communicate, educate and share their ideas. Moreover, this package mostly comes with a discount, so you can save money with this subscription.
  • Since you can use MS Office online, you get the freedom work from a different location which means you can work remotely. This is most beneficial for professionals’ users who travel while balancing the work. Also, with its real-time collaboration, you can share your feedback on the same sheet with your colleagues.

System-requirements for having  Office setup

  • Computer and processor-6 GHz or faster, 2-core for Windows and Intel processor for Mac
  • Memory- 4GB RAM or 2GB RAM (32-bit) for Windows and 4GB RAM for Mac
  • Hard Disk-0 GB of free disk space (Windows). 10 GB of free disk space, HSF+ OS Extended or APFS (Mac)
  • Display- 1280x768 screen resolution for Windows. 1280 x 800 screen resolution for Mac
  • Graphics- DirectX 9 or later, with WDDM 2.0 or higher (for Windows 10) and is not required for Mac
  • Operating System- Windows 10, 8.1, 7 Service Pack, Windows Server 2016, 2012 R2, 2012, or 2008 R2 for Windows and is supported in three most recent versions of Mac OS
  • Browser- The updated version of Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, or Chrome.

Steps to download, install, and activate

So, if you are looking to do Office setup on your PC, visit office com setup and follow the steps given below carefully.
  1. First of all, visit to download the office setup software
  2. Now go to the folder where it was downloaded (usually in “downloads” folder) and double click on the downloaded file and follow the onscreen instructions to carry forward the process.
  3. It will now ask you to enter the product key, if you do not have one, you will have to get it from
  4. So, here is how you can get your “Product Activation Key”
  • Visit and click on “Sign-in” if you have an account. If not click on “Sign up” and follow the on-screen instructions to make a Microsoft Account
  • After signing in to the Microsoft account, visit www office com setup and click on “Sign in” if prompted
  • On the new page, right-hand side, click on the “Install Office” button
  • You will be redirected to Microsoft’s “Subscriptions & Services” page of, where you have to click on the “Get More Info” link
  • You will be redirected to a new page, where you have to click on “Buy and download” button
  • Finally, click on the “checkout” button. You will receive an email that will have your office setup activation key
  1. Now enter the “Product Activation Key” received on email through setup office and click on “Next” or “Activate Now”

Now that you have followed the steps to install office setup 2019 on your computer, we need to make sure if the software downloaded from has installed properly or not.

Here is how to know if Office Setup 2019 is pre-installed

  1. First click on the start button, located on the left side bottom corner
  2. You will find an empty space, type “Control Panel” and press enter
  3. Now you will have to click on “Programs,” so that a new window will open
  4. Here, click “Programs and Features” so a list of installed programs will be displayed
  5. Look for “Microsoft Office” or “Office 365” and its right side will show “Microsoft Corporation”
  6. If that’s visible, that means, you have confirmed that you successfully installed office setup via on your PC

Steps to reinstall Office setup

Just in case, if something goes wrong with the office 2019 setup, you can always repair it be reinstalling the setup that you had downloaded from Here is how to do it.
  1. In the Control Panel, click on “Programs,” so a new window will open, then click “Programs and Features.”
  2. A list will be displayed that will show installed programs on the PC
  3. Now, look out for “Microsoft Office” or “Office 365” just right-click on it and you will see two options – “Uninstall” and “Repair”. Select “Repair” and follow the on-screen instructions.
So, you saw how it is easy to install or maintain Office setup on your PC via


Hopefully, the downloading procedure given-above has helped you to deploy Office setup via If not, then you may go for expert advice to resolve the problem you are encountering. To know more about Office and its products, you may navigate to the “Blog” section of this page.